Let us know your route planner idea

At open Summer of code 2019, we will hire students to create 3 route planners based on these ideas!


Intermodal route planning advice is vital when we want to convince people to opt for more sustainable ways of transport.

Countless projects have tried to create a perfect intermodal route planning experience, and all of them have been investing over and over again in integrating the same data. When the funding from these projects disappears, also the data integration disappeared.

The Open Planner Team wants to empower anyone to build any kind of route planner, without having to invest in data integration. Your route planner should work out of the box. Therefore, we are first and foremost working on the Open Data itself, by helping data owners publish their data.

By building open source tools that can consume these open data sources automatically, we hope to build a level playing field for Mobility as a Service players

Our team

Open Knowledge Belgium

A not for profit building communities around Open Data. Will be organizing Open Belgium in February 2019 and the open Summer of code 2019 with 10 students taking on the ideas from the public call for ideas.


Anyways manages the Itinero open source route planner. Furthermore, its founder Ben Abelshausen is a member of the OpenStreetMap community. Their tasks will be to create a smarter open data publishing system for the OSM road network.


Researchers from the IDLab team specialize in Open Data interfaces. Earlier they created Linked Connections as a result from the PhD of Pieter Colpaert.


Nextmoov is specialized in creating digital experiences for mobility use cases. The nextmoov team is going to help publishing some datasets, and create a playground for route planning systems.

De Lijn

De Lijn, as part of this project, will be the first early adopters to implement the data publishing specifications in their own organization.