Call for Ideas

Some of your ideas

My route-buddy

It knows where I want to go and tells me what to do next. If something goes wrong (e.g., I missed a connection, the bus is late, a train is canceled, ...) it starts re-routing, without any action from me.

Departure "region"

I live in a rural place where I first have to take my bike (which is okay) before I can hop on a public transport. This means that I need a routeplanner who can work with a departure "region" instead of a departure "point".

Cycling routes updating

I am a daily cyclist in Brussels. Traffic works that have an impact on cycling routes are not updated into my route planner.

Avoiding "waze-like" route advice

A multimodal route planner that takes into account the preferences of both user and local government helping both to find the best solutions.

Dog walks

I want a route planner that would allow suggest dog walking routes based on certain parameters (greenery, new routes, little traffic...)

A bike route planner

- minimises up hill cycling, even if that makes the route longer - recognises and shows dedicated cycle paths - speaks the route to me so I don’t have to look at a screen while cycling

The prettiest hiking route

I want a route planner that makes me the prettiest hiking route (with nice views, lot's of forests, the smallest possible paths). If at all possible, it will know where I was before and avoid the paths already taken. But if all the reasonable alternatives have been explored, fall back to the one I take most (as I probably like that one most).

The cost of optimal route

Sometimes I want to be somewhere as fast as possible (highest time cost), sometimes I want to get somewhere spending the least € (lower time cost + higher other cost) and sometimes I have paid already some other transport mean (low cost use of this mean) The challenge lies in making this as ergonomically as possible while keeping some flexibility and keeping the options high.

Less pollution

I live in Antwerp, Belgium and would like a route planner that guides me (by foot and by bike) through the least polluted areas (based on the air quality sensors?). Those are probably also the most beautiful areas of the city for example for tourist routes.

Best time to start a meeting

I want a routeplanner that helps me to plan the best time to start a meeting/start traveling to the meeting and takes into account multimodal transport types, traffic, road works, delays, public transport time table/real time info. And where I can order tickets if public transport or shared bicycles are included

The W.O.M.B.

A routeplanner takes you from A to B. What if B was a world where you are welcome, where we learn to respect and meet each other. That is WOMB, the Welcome On My B routeplanner that shows the route to a person with a shared or interesting hobby or passion but maybe from a different background, religion, gender, age,...

10km with my folding bike

I want to be able to combine my folding bike with public transport. Say that I'm comfortable with biking 10 kms ( or a different distance, could be a variable), and I want to head to a location where there is no train station in the town. I'd like to have a planner that indicates which station then is the closest and/or easiest to reach from my city to combine with my folding bike.